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Movement & Exercise Professionals

Topics address 

movement and training,

in the context of health, function, fitness and performance. 


Workshops, seminars, in-services and lectures  are available in full-day, half-day, and hourly formats.


Public Speaker

If your community, private or local organization is looking for a speaker that inspires the folks to aspire  towards changing the trajectory of their aging curve, click below for topics with potential.

30-90:00 formats are typical.

Allied Health & Lifestyle-Wellness Professionals

Topics address nutrition, eating-drinking patterns and habits, distress-coping skills, daily practices, and behavior chain-busting strategies,

all in the pursuit of a healthier [leaner if necessary] and a more resilient spirit, mind and body.


Adjunct Professor

From the sciences of movement to 'in the trenches' training, I truly enjoy teaching in the academic arena.

Recently, I taught Resistance Training, and Weight Mngmnt PED courses at the College of St. Rose in Albany NY, and plan to continue 'sharing the wisdom' in MT or online.​​​​​


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