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created by Pat VanGalen in 1998 for a doctoral dissertation [unpublished], was designed to produce a

sensory-rich training environment and exercise stimulus that would facilitate gains in overall, health,

function and fitness.  The periodized 9-month training intervention was conducted on

previously sedentary post-menopausal women living in Hong Kong.

n = 46  X = 56 years

The intervention included two supervised 1:15 functional training sessions/week along with 10 minutes 

of healthy lifestyle education AND two > 30:00 unsupervised walking sessions. 

The control group walked 4X/week unsupervised for > 30:00, and received the equivalent

in healthy lifestyle education.

Outcome measures included RHR, RBP, height, weight, BMI, Waist I-II, Hip, WHR, triceps SF,  thigh circumference,

radial &  calcaneal bone density, CBC, metabolic and lipid profile, 

a series of strength,

neuromotor, function and fitness tests and 7 psychometric scales on QOL,

falls self-efficacy, etc.

The training was conducted at an indoor/outdoor facility with bleachers, track-path, and a gymnasium 

where strength, agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction, speed, stamina and mobility were

 trained in a circuit format.  Dumbbells, elastic, stairs and multiple functional training tools were utilized.  

'Yours truly' conducted ALL assessments, and taught ALL the sessions.

Workload was gradually progressed to stimulate adaptation.

Compliance in both groups was almost 100%.  All subjects maintained detailed daily records that 

tracked exertion levels, formal exercise, general physical activity and energy levels.

Based on simply calculating the Means, both groups demonstrated significant gains in all outcome

measures, however the 'functional training' group demonstrated more significant improvements

in all measures 'across the board'.

These women inspired me ... to inspire others .... to aspire ..... 

to completely alter 'everything' aging.  I am forever grateful.

Active & Agile,

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