Personalized Customized Training

Looking ahead, and want to add life to your years?  Travel, adventure, new  hobbies, leisure-time pursuits, and grandchildren are in your future?  You love your job and have no plans to retire, but want the energy to keep going?   Ok, then let's build the spirit, mind and body that delivers! 

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an overview of local venues, fees,  and scheduling.

Small Group

2-5 clients

Prefer to train with a partner or small group?  Enjoy the camaraderie? Want accountability? Appreciate professional expertise?  See below for details and local venues. 

Strength Circuit-Kettlebell Fitness

  • Fill in the gaps in your weekly training with a custom-designed session;  perform movements that enhance your overall function and fitness.

 Strength In Motion-365 Fitness

  • Counter the imbalances of sitting and sedentary living; activate deep ‘lazy’ muscles, and train the core cylinder from bottom to top;  learn how to reduce your risks for falls, how to break a fall and get back up.


Top Form Boot Camp-Top Form Delmar

  • Train for gains in posture, physique, and functional strength, along with the skills and abilities to get you outdoors and living life to the fullest.


Large Group

6+ clients

Enjoy the energy of larger groups, and are confident in your movement skills and abilities? See below for details and local venues. 


Glenmont Abbey Village

Ease Into Fitness 

  • Retrain posture, alignment and improve all movement patterns; challenge and improve your balance and gait, strength and power; walk away with daily habits and patterns to keep for life. 


Fit, Form & Function 

  • Train all the dimensions of functional fitness and build a resilient and durable body that can do the things that 'matter'  with confidence, vitality and vigor.

[Residents Only]

Physical   Training

Active & Agile ..... Maximizing Mobility Throughout the Ages

Pat VanGalen     

Big Sky, MT  59716  [July 2019]


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