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Whether your 'joie de vivre' from movement includes 

sand, snow, ice, water, rock, grass,

a field, a court or a dance floor, 

'train' for them, and then some.

If you are 'breaking the mold' for

grandparents, third stagers, adventurers

and athletes,

'train' for all of them, and then some.


If 'keeping fit' is your passion,

expand your movement repertoire,

try something new, 

and reap the benefits of other movement disciplines. 

If your hobbies include working with your hands,

creating, building, and restoring,

'train' for them, and then some.

If your daily activities are carrying groceries,

working in your garden and walking your dog,

'train' for them, and then some.

Training provides the foundation

to move, 

with integrity and confidence,


the 'springboard' into

a Life Time of Active Aging...

one of

Development, Durability and Discovery!

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