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Mission Statement

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My mission IS my passion IS my purpose .......

to change the way we age AND the ‘pace’ at which we age

to reshape the perception of aging as an active, engaged and stimulating journey that offers on-going opportunities to grow, learn and contribute throughout the life stages

to alter the course(s) people can choose to optimize and fully engage their second, third and fourth stages of life, and change the trajectory of their aging curve

to dismantle the all-to-common spiral of inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle towards ‘mobility disability’

to press the movement professional into re-evaluating their perception of ‘successful aging’

to challenge movement professionals to expand their adult programming repertoire from Rx's and workouts, to preparation for participation and fulfillment in a Life Span of Active Aging

to re-define how allied health and medical professionals view active aging

to revamp the 'messaging' designed to inspire active aging

to impact how academia prepares movement professionals to engage and interact with ‘active agers' to extend their 'health span' 

to urge movement scientists to design and implement studies with a greater focus on application, translation and transfer to the practitioner and the individual.  

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