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Re-Think, then ...

Pop's Journey ... My Perspective 

It’s the ‘go’, not the ‘show.’ 

It’s the StAge, not the age. 


It’s the ‘firing with the wiring’,

the rewiring, not retiring.


It’s years, not weeks,

It’s decades with peaks. 


It’s seasons with reasons. 

It’s valleys and tweaks.


It’s patterns and habits, not ‘ruts’, butts and guts. 

It’s durability and discovery, from soup to nuts.


It’s attitudes and perceptions, not rules and limits. 

It’s mindsets and dreams, for us to refine and refinish.


So, join Pat in her mission to nudge some reflection,

then you too will crush any old misconceptions. 

PAVGK,   01/2019

I lost my Dad in January, and wrote this

to honor his take on life.

He raised the bar for me and all he touched!


On a professional note,

my little poem actually represents

the 'guts' of changing the way,

and the pace at which we age. 

Attitudes, perceptions and mindsets

are driving systems that work! 

The ‘program’ approach with a beginning and an end

is done. 

As with athletes, training year round for decades,

is the future of coaching movement

as it complements the pillars of well-being.

The ‘lifetime journey’ strategy of

daily habits and patterns coupled with

revamped attitudes, perceptions and mindsets

towards purposeful, engaged and enriched aging

is upon us! 

Rewire, don’t retire!

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