... for Movement, Exercise and Allied Health Professionals

.... for the residential, hospital, corporate, industrial or community organization  that values the creation of an environment that facilitates health and well-being, productivity and performance. 

,,, for the active adult seeking better health, greater vitality, more energy, improved fitness, and a body that can deliver in your  leisure-time pursuits, sports, travel, hobbies, and daily commitments .... and still have energy left over.  

.... for anyone who shares my mission to 'rattle' mindsets, attitudes and perceptions towards active aging. 

... for the adult looking to embark on the journey of adopting and living a healthy lifestyle, to age younger for longer, and to extend the healthspan through habits, patterns and strategies in nutrition, physical activity, rest and recovery, and distress resilience.  



.... for anyone 'fired up' to add purpose and meaning to the daily lives of the folks

across life's stages.

Active & Agile ..... Maximizing Mobility Throughout the Ages

Pat VanGalen     

Big Sky, MT  59716  


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