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Philosophy of   Training- Teaching-Coaching

My philosophy of physical training has evolved and continues to evolve.  

Having lived, trained, taught, worked, competed and studied through the various trends and crazes of the 70's, 80's, 90's, and early 20's, I am confident that the future lies in

striving towards a lifetime of 'functional' health, movement and fitness.    


Functional training, then, should prepare the individual [of any age] to …



  • at their desired level and intensity

  • within the environment of their choice

  • to the best of their ability

  • in formal and informal opportunities

  • that foster movement competence and capacity

  • add purpose to Living Life

  • and enhance all the dimensions of total health and well-being!


Please refer to professional resources for those who have pioneered this movement.

I  train to fill gaps and build versatility,

              teach to inspire change in habits, patterns and pursuits, and

                                 coach to change lives, lifestyles, passions and purpose.  

train my clients to earn, own and keep fundamental movements, a functional  foundation and a work [fitness] capacity that supports their way of 'living life' to the fullest for as long as possible. 


  • I train them to build and maintain a resilient and durable 'buffer' to handle emergencies and the curve-balls in life, but also a reservoir of energy and confidence to take risks, seek challenges and thrive throughout life's stages.

I teach to progressively guide and coax my clients towards the next level of competence, confidence and self-efficacy, whereby healthy habits and patterns are grooved and imprinted into daily life, labor, work, care-giving and play. 

I coach to prepare and to inspire the pursuit of performing at a higher level, whether it be in the classroom, in the athletic arena, professionally, vocationally, or in life, for life.

To date, I believe in ‘movement’ as the foundation of life.


Environment drives movement.

  • Today's convenient, civilized and coddled lifestyle in safe-sterile environments that foster static-sedentary positions and stilted-stiff movements is at direct odds with our primal instincts of survival and the stress response. 


Exercise [formal training] per se is not a panacea, but a small piece of the larger and more stimulating movement arena.   


To earn, own and keep the movement fundamentals, the functional foundation and a favorable work capacity IS the 'springboard' to expand, engage and enjoy a multitude of physical activities, sports, dance, adventures, martial arts, hobbies and recreation indoors, outdoors and around the world. 

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